Best Chalkboards Reviews

California Cade Electronic Vintage Frame Kitchen Chalkboard
Perfect for displaying at events
Small compact size
Easy to hang
ArtsyRhino Double-Sided Chalkboard
Boldly create signage & displays
Freestanding & double sided
Decorative wooden handcrafted aesthetic
The Board Dudes Chalkboard
Chalk Board surface works great for drawing
Oak Style frame provides classic styling
Black surface provides great contrast when used with white or colored chalk

Best chalkboards

I guess we all remember the old chalkboard, right? We used in schools, mostly, but we did not enjoy them as much. Nowadays, adults see chalkboards with different eyes. At least we do not fear that someone will call us to the blackboard and make us solve a math problem that we have no idea how to solve. Leaving jokes aside, there is an entire market for chalkboards. Still.

You would have thought that once whiteboards came into the market, blackboards would become obsolete. After all, they have become so much more than a surface on which you write. That did not happen, and it seems that people still buy them. It is not hard to see why. There is something about picking up that piece of chalk and scribble something on it. Maybe it is nostalgia, or we still find them useful. Either way, the market is full of them, which gives you a sea of choices if you are interested in buying one.

How are chalkboards still useful?

Since the whiteboard seems to be the preferred board, chalkboards have lost some territory. Even so, there are still enough instances in which people use them. Below you will find a few of them:

  • Schools still use them – not all of them, of course, but chalkboards are still present in schools. They may not be the old ones that were hard to clean. Some models are made of a special glass that is easy to erase. The point is that chalkboards are still present in the school system, and that is either good or bad.
  • You can use one at home – personally, I love those small chalkboards you can hang up in your kitchen and leave messages or write shopping lists. I find them very charming, which is why I bought myself one too. It makes leaving messages so much cuter, and the family loves it. Plus the chalk never disappears. I know it is a small thing, but pens always disappear from the notepad on the fridge. Someone always needs a pen, and the one on the refrigerator is at hand. At least with chalk, you cannot write on anything else, and it will remain where you leave it.
  • Cafes use them – I guess you have taken a walk on the street with cafes and restaurants, and there is almost always a blackboard outside that presents the day’s menu or specials. Some of them just give you a joke to read, a nice thought or quote. I think it is a nice To buy a blackboard and write every day on it just for the customers is a lovely thing. I guess I am not the only one likes it because in the past few years the number of chalkboards I see on the sidewalk increased considerably.
  • You can sometimes see them on events – that reminds me of a wedding I attended recently. There is usually a poster on a big board that says the name of the bride and groom, and a few other details. However, I have seen such a wedding announcement on a chalkboard. The creator used several colors, he drew flowers on them, and the calligraphy was flawless. Needless to say, I found that very charming. Plus, the bride and groom both wrote a welcome message on it. It was lovely of them, and I loved it. If you look on Pinterest, you will see a ton of such announcements, and not only for weddings but for birthday parties or whatever even comes to mind. Just take a look, and you will see.

How to choose the best chalkboard?

If I somehow convinced you that you need a chalkboard as well, you should know that the internet is full of them. However, you need to pay close attention to what you buy. Not all manufacturers produce high-quality chalkboards, and some models may not be what you are looking for. That is why you need to base your decision on the factors that you will read below.

  • Size – not all chalkboards are created equal. Some of them are as small as a notebook, while others are as big as half your living room wall. You need to decide why you need the chalkboard and take it from there. If you need one for your kitchen, you are not going to buy a 5-foot wide chalkboard, are you? My point here is that you need to check the size of the chalkboard before you make a purchase. You would be surprised how many people get a product that is too big or too small.
  • Single-sided double-sided – this aspect is more of a style choice than anything else. The single-sided chalkboards are the ones that you can mount or hang on the wall, while the double-sided chalkboard will stand on its own on the ground. The latter style is more suitable for restaurants, cafes, and events, while the other is the one you hang inside your home, or you find in a school/office.
  • Mounting mechanism – chalkboards, except for the double-sided ones that stand on their own, need to be mounted on the wall. There are two mechanisms that can help you achieve that. Either the chalkboards arrives with a mounting bracket that you need the screw in the wall, or you can just hang the board on the wall using a nail and some string. The choice here is logical. Large, bulky chalkboards need the mounting bracket for support, while the small ones like the one you put in the kitchen need s simple string. After all, there is no point in taking out the drill for a 2-pound chalkboard.
  • Frame – when it comes to the frame, it is more about than design than anything else. It needs to match your interior design depending on where you want to put it. Lucky for you, you have plenty of options, and while most frames are made from wood and appealing, others do not have a frame at all. However, my advice is to spend some extra time until you find the frame you like rather than making yourself one. It is less time-consuming. Plus, a chalkboard without a frame does not look as charming. Not the small ones, at least.

What are the best chalkboards?

Since the offer is substantial, you have where to choose from. However, do not buy a random product. Use the criteria above, and you should be able to make the best decision for you. At the same time, you can read some chalkboards reviews online to see what other people have to say about a particular product that caught your eye. That way you know more about it, and you can decide whether it is worth the money or not.

California Cade Electronic Vintage Frame Kitchen Chalkboard

Click here to buy it on Amazon

I chose to start with this one because it is my personal favorite. It is the small kitchen chalkboard I mentioned above. You can hang it in your kitchen, but just as well you can hang it in the hall or wherever it looks nice. It comes in several sizes from 8 by 9.5 inches to 12 by 9.5 inches. All you need is a nail and a hammer, the rest is easy.

Even if this is an ideal chalkboard for a kitchen, you can use it for other purposes as well. If you can draw nicely on it, or if you know someone who can, you can also place it in restaurants or cafes to post announcements or specials. I think it looks good anywhere. Even the string that comes attached to the chalkboard looks vintage, so I guess it will go well with any setting.

As for the construction of the California Cade chalkboard, it is made of high-quality materials. The frame is a narrow wood trim around the edge and looks rustic. The board itself is black enough so that it provides excellent contrast. You can draw or write with any color, and the message will still be perfectly readable. Cleaning it is just as easy. All you need is a damp cloth. However, if there is a lot of chalk on the board, my advice is to wipe it twice. The first one is to remove the excess chalk, and the second is more of a rinse so that the chalkboard remains as black as when you first buy it. But overall, this is an excellent product, and I strongly recommend it.

ArtsyRhino Double-Sided Chalkboard

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As you can probably notice from the title, this is a double-sided model that can be used for restaurants, cafes, events, or other places of business. It is an excellent chalkboard that comes with a charming design. I am sure that if you are looking for such a model, this one will suit just fine. You can create signs and displays that make your message heard.

Thanks to its design, this chalkboard will stand on its own. There is no installation required. The sides are connected through hinges so that when you are done displaying it, you can simply fold it and put it away without using too much space. The dimensions are 91.5 x 55 x 8.5 centimeters

The construction is durable and ultra sturdy. It is thick enough, and the entire frame is made of wood. It can withstand bad weather. There is also a chain that is attached to the chalkboard so that it does not unfold completely. That would render it flat on the ground. Other than that the frame is beautifully handcrafted, and it will make a good impression to anyone who looks at it.

The Board Dudes Chalkboard

Click here to buy it on Amazon

Last but not least, this is yet another product that you may be interested in. This time, the model is somewhat larger than the previous two. In fact, it is a lot larger. It measures 23 inches in width and 17 inches in height. As for purpose, this is more suitable for offices or classrooms. I cannot tell how and where you could use it otherwise.

The surface of the board is excellent for drawing. The black provides excellent contrast. It may not be vantablack, but it is the blackest you can hope for in a chalkboard. No matter the color of the chalk you use, the message can be read clearly as if it were black on white. I am sure you are going to be satisfied as far as this aspect is concerned. After you are done, the board is easy to clean. All you need is a damp cloth. For better results, I advise you to clean the board twice just so that it comes back to the original black.

As for the mounting mechanism, you are going to have to get a drill this time. The board needs to be installed on the wall permanently. You need screws for that, but the package includes the mounting hardware. Even so, it should not be difficult to achieve. Lastly, the oak-style frame provides a classic look that I am sure you are going to love.

My recommendation

Since all three product are different, and they have different purposes, you need to choose the one that serves your purpose. Even so, my personal favorite is the California Cade Electronic Vintage Frame Kitchen Chalkboard. I find it incredibly versatile, even if it is that small. I think it is one of the best chalkboards you can see in this category.


A chalkboard represents nothing special. It is a simple board that you can write on. Nevertheless, it can have many uses, both practical and aesthetical. Whichever the reason you need one for, I am sure that one of the products above will be able to suit your needs. All that is left for you to do is pick one. Click here to buy on Amazon

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